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  • 3iSpreader Accessories

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  • 3iSpreader Accessories


3iSpreader Accessories

The 3iSpreader is complimented by a line of accessories that allow our spreader to work correctly.


3iSpreader tpins

Securely connects the 3iSpreader to the 3 feet of every standard Ronford tripod. A quick release solution that is solid and safer. These pins will NEVER fall off unexpectedly!


3iSpreader tpins 1 inch tip that fits 3iSpud

3iSpud - An round aluminum spud that replaces the usual pointed spikes and connects to rubber tips or the STG connector. Fits any standard 1" rubber tip ( like Shepherd #3205 Rubber Leg Tip ) and NOT a crutch tip. This combination of 3iSpud and rubber tip is stable and wobble free. Get them at Amazon, Home Depot, Lowes or any hardware store.




    • Spikes are perfect for hammers or high heels. Get rid of the spikes.
      Get a 3iSpreader

    • Bungees are great for camping or jumping. Get rid of the bungees!
      Get a 3iSpreader

    • Get a 3iSpreader and stand confidently
      on your own three feet!

    • Stuck with spikes? Not anymore!
      Now you can get a 3iSpreader!

    • Still using a Scratch n' Scrape Spreader?
      Get off the ground and land on 3 rubber tips.
      Get a 3iSpreader

    • Got your bungees in a stretch? Not anymore!
      Now you can get a 3iSpreader!

    • Are bungee cords a nuts & bolts connection?
      Who are you kidding?
      Get a 3iSpreader

    • Talk about a footprint ! The 3iSpreader has toe prints.
      Just 3 rubber tips. Nothing more.
      No spikes. No bungees. No problems

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