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3iSpud by 3iSpreader

The irony of the 3iSpuds is that they use the spikes that they replace as an anchor for mounting. Our previous method was to unthread the spikes and thread on knurled or ribbed spuds that held tight with a countersunk bolt and lock washer.

The weakness of this system was that the spikes were almost impossible to unthread so we decided to use that as a strength and built the 1” spud adapters around the spike itself. In the end, the important quality of a simple, solid and dependable foundation for any camera rig was accomplished.

The best way to attach the Spike to Spud adapters is to turn the tripod upside down and slide the 3 adapters onto each spike. The 3 recessed set screws should be tightened in a progressive circular sequence so that the spud is locked and balanced once they are all tight.

The knurled spuds will hold onto the rubber chair tips once they are slid into place. These chair tips come in black or white and the usual procedure is to slip the white ones on when shooting indoors or at a delicate or sensitive location. The black ones are fine inside or out but the white tips show the dirt and grit easier and can prevent any scratches.

  • Spikes are perfect for hammers or high heels. Get rid of the spikes.
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  • Bungees are great for camping or jumping. Get rid of the bungees!
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  • Get a 3iSpreader and stand confidently
    on your own three feet!

  • Stuck with spikes? Not anymore!
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  • Still using a Scratch n' Scrape Spreader?
    Get off the ground and land on 3 rubber tips.
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  • Got your bungees in a stretch? Not anymore!
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  • Are bungee cords a nuts & bolts connection?
    Who are you kidding?
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  • Talk about a footprint ! The 3iSpreader has toe prints.
    Just 3 rubber tips. Nothing more.
    No spikes. No bungees. No problems

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