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Whether on a cliff in Alberta, a jungle in Hawaii, the surf in San Juan or a heritage church in Ohio, the 3iSpreader is perfect for big budget or small - time is money and saving time is cost effective. Working safer and more efficiently is at the core of the 3iSpreader design philosophy.

3iSpreader Film Project Credits

CROSSBONES - NBC Shot in Puerto Rico by Christopher Baffa, it put cameras in the sand and salt for months.

FARGO - FX Network Shot in Alberta, Canada, by Dana Gonzales and Matthew J. Lloyd, it put cameras in the snow and mud for months.

HELL ON WHEELS - AMC Also shot in Alberta, Canada by Marvin V. Rush, Thomas Burstyn and Elliot Davis, it has had cameras in the worst terrain imaginable. Four seasons of rain, wind, dust, dirt and clay-mud.

FALLING SKIES - Dreamworks & TNT Shot in Vancouver and Toronto by Nathaniel Goodman, Christopher Faloona and Glen Winter. Five seasons following survivors of an alien attack through a barren wasteland. Lots of nights … lots of rain … lots of fun.

TEEN BEACH MOVIE and MAKING WAVES Disney Channel Shot in Puerto Rico by Mark Irwin. A teenage surf musical - the original and sequel. These films have been test runs for shooting in extreme sand and surf conditions. Many prototype 3iSpreaders versions. Many lessons learned. Refinements made. Mission accomplished.

KLONDIKE - Discovery Channel Shot in the Rockies by Mike Eley. More snow and freezing locations, this time in the mountains and gold mines.

THE BRIDGE - FX NETWORK Set in Tex-Mex country and shot in Los Angeles by Attila Szalay and David Franco. Inner city, canyons, deserts and the Rio Grande river. Lots of cramped bars and cantinas too.

JURASSIC WORLD - Universal Shot in Kaua'i, Hawaii by John Schwartzman. Months and months in drenching rain forests, muddy fields and rocky cliffs.

THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT - Hallmark Shot in Lebanon, Ohio by Mark Irwin. A classic holiday story set in historic locations with delicate floors. We shot 100 pages in 15 days - no overtime, no location damage.

WELCOME TO SUDDEN DEATH - 2019 An action thriller shot in an arena in Winnipeg. Lots of martial arts and coverage on multiple levels in bleachers and catwalks. .

RESIDENT EVIL WELCOME TO RACOON CITY - 2021 - Shot in Sudbury and Hamilton Ontario in freezing rain, mud and snow.

PREY - 2022 - A prequel to PREDATOR, shot in Alberta on cliffs and mountains as well as in snow fields and rivers.

PUP ACADEMY, SUPER PUPS, SCAREDY CATS, PHANTOM PUPS, MONKEY UP - These are all AirBud shows for Disney and Netflix. Every possible location from riverbeds and mud to beaches and rock cliffs, we shot kids, dogs and VFX everywhere and never had a tripod/spreader problem.

Tim Horton’s, Budweiser, McDonald’s, Home Hardware, Jaguar, TD Bank, Royal Bank of Canada - Dozens of commercials shot in British Columbia with the 3iSpreader.

Film & TV Networks that have used 3iSpreader

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