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Made in the United States, our durable product solidly attaches to the Ronford tripod to create the most reliable connection ever. We are proud to offer this tripod spreader to help advance the progression of film & digital cinema.

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It is an adjustable, three legged connection device that holds the three feet of a tripod together so that the legs will fold up or down while remaining securely attached. Finally solving the problems that conventional spreaders create. It securely connects the 3 feet of every standard Ronford tripod with 3 quick release T-pins. No more bungee cord loops.

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The 3iSpreader fits the world's most popular tubular metal tripod and solidly attaches to those legs in the most reliable connection ever, learn more about our history.Learn More

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Check out our products made proudly in North America, the 3iSpreader & Accessories are made and assembled in Los Angeles, CA by Matthews Studio Equipment.View Products

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Get familiar with our 3iSpreader, why it is better, comparisons advantages with answers to all your questions in our frequently asked questions page.Learn More

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  • Are bungee cords a nuts & bolts connection?
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  • Talk about a footprint ! The 3iSpreader has toe prints.
    Just 3 rubber tips. Nothing more.
    No spikes. No bungees. No problems

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