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3iSpreader & The Layover


Mark Irwin CSC/ASC is shooting THE LAYOVER in Vancouver with director William H. Macy. It is a ‘road’ picture with two girls ( Alexandra Daddario and Kate Upton ) who get way laid on their vacation flight and end up in St. Louis instead of Florida. They decide┬áto make the most of their time and try a hot air balloon ride with a fellow passenger ( Matt Barr ).

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We shot at Boundary Bay Beach with a basket, gas burner and a crane ( CGI ballon to match the real one in the real St. Louis ). After the launch, we put our two Arri Alexas on a platform that was 25 feet in the air and shot coverage of the actors ‘ in flight’.

With real wind rattling the plywood deck and weight at a minimum, the 3iSpreaders on each tripod made the day’s work safe and secure. No piles of sandbags, no flimsy bungee cords, no fear of an accidental disconnection. The crew just grabbed the sticks, put them on the hairy edge of the scaffold and, when we wrapped, folded them up with the 3iSpreader securely folded up inside.


Unlike the unhappy paparazzi ( BTW the big guy is the one who clipped Ryan Reynolds in a parking garage.

Check out some pictures below and check back www.3iSpreader.com/online for the Latest News about The Layover, and follow them on Instagram at @TheLayoverFilm

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