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Filming in an Historic Church, Expensive Mansion and working Boatyard

Welcome to 3iSpreader Behind the Scenes in Vancouver, British Columbia


In our first behind the scenes, here in a very ornate and historical church, the 3iSpreader was able to fit in between and even on pews without any removal or plywood decks. The 3iSpreader allowed the tripod to squeeze in next to the dolly without the need for blankets or pieces of layout board.
 The locations crew was happy and so were we, no damage to the 100 year old floor and 35 setups before lunch!


When Locations require booties on boots, the 3iSpreader comes equipped with it’s own rubber boots. But we have gone one step better, expensive locations always demand special treatment and lots of care, both of which add up to time and with the usual 8 page & 50 setup plans with 2 cameras on oak floors, time is hard to find.
So we found some extra time with the STG connectors attached to pads, both covered with carpet for bare wood and PVC furniture sliders for carpet.
 Look at these pictures and you will see a bare black oak floor. No carpets. No pads. No layout board cut into pieces. No slippery blankets. The only pads you see are the booties on everyone’s feet ( minus the 1st AC and dolly grip, who brought their ‘ indoor shoes ‘ )
 Next setup ? We can slide over to it smoothly. Need a quick adjustment ? No need to lift,  just slide on carpet or bare floor.
 So…more time shooting, less L&D, locations are happy, producers are happy, why not be happy too? Get a 3iSpreader and STG connectors.
Make your own pads out of plywood, carpet, velcro and glue or give us a call. We have a variety of sizes. And don’t forget your booties!



 Shooting in a boathouse and dockyard sounds simple enough. No delicate floors and expensive carpets. What could go wrong ?
 Between wet and slimy wooden decks, a series of floating platforms and a deadline for high tide stunt with the sun almost below the horizon, a lot could go wrong.  Tide tables certainly have no concern for film makers but the 3iSpreader does.
These spreaders fold up and flip down and do NOT fall off. That sounds like a simple achievement but to my crew hustling against the falling light on a split day  (yes… another Fraturday) that simple fact is the saving grace.
Need to get a high angle at full stick ? Wet, slimy boards in the way ? No problem. Just raise the legs, bag them and roll.
No time to build a deck on a floating platform ? No need. The 3iSpreader is a proven, stable, dependable foundation for any situation.