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3iSpreader by Matthews

We’re excited to announce our new partnership with Matthews Grip bringing the 3iSpreader online again!

With support from Matthews we’re forging into a new future and we’re excited to start a new era of the 3iSpreader on set! With our revolutionary product, Finally there is a better way to Stand on your Own 3 Feet!

Check out the 3iSpreader on set from the recent release “Prey”, a sequel to the popular 1987 classic Predator the Movie.

3iSpreader on set for the movie Prey by

Filming in an Historic Church, Expensive Mansion and working Boatyard

Welcome to 3iSpreader Behind the Scenes in Vancouver, British Columbia


In our first behind the scenes, here in a very ornate and historical church, the 3iSpreader was able to fit in between and even on pews without any removal or plywood decks. The 3iSpreader allowed the tripod to squeeze in next to the dolly without the need for blankets or pieces of layout board.
 The locations crew was happy and so were we, no damage to the 100 year old floor and 35 setups before lunch!


When Locations require booties on boots, the 3iSpreader comes equipped with it’s own rubber boots. But we have gone one step better, expensive locations always demand special treatment and lots of care, both of which add up to time and with the usual 8 page & 50 setup plans with 2 cameras on oak floors, time is hard to find.
So we found some extra time with the STG connectors attached to pads, both covered with carpet for bare wood and PVC furniture sliders for carpet.
 Look at these pictures and you will see a bare black oak floor. No carpets. No pads. No layout board cut into pieces. No slippery blankets. The only pads you see are the booties on everyone’s feet ( minus the 1st AC and dolly grip, who brought their ‘ indoor shoes ‘ )
 Next setup ? We can slide over to it smoothly. Need a quick adjustment ? No need to lift,  just slide on carpet or bare floor.
 So…more time shooting, less L&D, locations are happy, producers are happy, why not be happy too? Get a 3iSpreader and STG connectors.
Make your own pads out of plywood, carpet, velcro and glue or give us a call. We have a variety of sizes. And don’t forget your booties!



 Shooting in a boathouse and dockyard sounds simple enough. No delicate floors and expensive carpets. What could go wrong ?
 Between wet and slimy wooden decks, a series of floating platforms and a deadline for high tide stunt with the sun almost below the horizon, a lot could go wrong.  Tide tables certainly have no concern for film makers but the 3iSpreader does.
These spreaders fold up and flip down and do NOT fall off. That sounds like a simple achievement but to my crew hustling against the falling light on a split day  (yes… another Fraturday) that simple fact is the saving grace.
Need to get a high angle at full stick ? Wet, slimy boards in the way ? No problem. Just raise the legs, bag them and roll.
No time to build a deck on a floating platform ? No need. The 3iSpreader is a proven, stable, dependable foundation for any situation.




Ronford tripod and the new 3iSpreader

Here is a crew that loves their Ronford tripod AND the new 3iSpreader that fits onto it.

No more spikes, no more bungees, no more problems.

Our crew loves their Ronford tripod & 3iSpreader combo



Our crew loves their Ronford tripod & 3iSpreader combo

Our crew loves their Ronford tripod & 3iSpreader combo

Our crew loves their Ronford tripod & 3iSpreader combo

Our crew loves their Ronford tripod & 3iSpreader combo


Check out pictures of our 3iSpreader technology versus the Ronford Tripod spreader.


3iSpreader vs Ronford Tripod spreader


Teen Beach Movie 2 Behind the Scenes Part 1

Teen Beach Movie 2 premieres tonight on the Disney Channel

Its a kid friendly surf musical










I shot the original and this sequel in Puerto Rico

This is how Disney publicity shows it

Fun at the beach

And maybe an interview ‘ behind the scenes ‘

That is where we live and work – no publicity here. Just ask SuJeng.

Luna pushes a fully dressed Alexa in the sand

Ricky and Gilo too

A day at the beach











Is not always a day at the beach

Our ‘ favorite ‘ combination -sand and saltwater

Carlitos knows it. He’s barefoot













Luna works in aqua socks

Thats why PJ Gaffers in San Juan

bought 10 3iSpreaders












If you rent out cameras in the Caribbean, you know that one thing is certain

The tripods are going into the sand and the surf will try to find a way to get you wet












The trick is to keep the cameras OUT of the sand and surf












The crews in San Juan trust their 3iSpreaders











And finish their days at the beach


Safe from the salt and sand. Get wet and stay dry. Trust a 3iSpreader to make your day

Thank you for joining us for Part 1 of Teen Beach Movie 2, tune in next week for the conclusion.

Splinter Unit in a Sprinter Van

Join us for a day with 3iSpreader, Mark Irwin ASC/CSC and actor/director William H. Macy filming The Layover in Vancouver. 

 Still on the road with director William H. Macy















And he needs more shots for a highway montage

We hit the road and found the perfect vantage point. Perfect except …















We need a high angle and all we have is a Sprinter van. No scaffold …no roof rack…no plywood…losing the light














Good thing we have a 3iSpreader, with 3 rubber tips on a slippery metal roof.





We climb up, set up and roll













All before the police spot us












Then drop the camera down to the grips and Bill says










” Great job ! I need more shots ” so off we go and grab more pass-bys 














From another highway bridge

















Its a splinter unit. Not even second unit but who cares?
















Our 3iSpreader can adapt to any terrain




And set up quickly and securely 
















By adjusting to any curb



Without sandbags or apple boxes


We get the shots and Bill is happy but wants a few more angles just in case so…


We hustle on down the road until the sun sets.















Make your day, whether it is First unit, Second unit or a Splinter unit.
Make a 3iSpreader an essential part of your camera package! Buy yours today at

3i Adventures : 3iSpreader filming The LayOver in Surrey, British Columbia

Another early call for the 3iSpreader & Mark Irwin ASC/CSC















Driving across the Port Mann bridge into Surrey, British Columbia




3iSpreader arrives in Surrey, British Columbia, that’s in Canada as you can see, Ehh?




William H Macy is behind the camera on this one




It’s a road picture called The Layover




And we’re on the Road everyday!
















Bill Macy set’s the shot with Matthias Mellinghaus, our 1st AD
















Rob and Triston set up their Alexa and 24-290
















High above Highway 99
















Shane Likes the 3iSpreader. Quick and Dependable. NO SPIKES, NO BUNGEES, NO SANDBAGS, NO HASSLES.
















We Scramble up hills and overpasses to get the shots
















Bill gives it a thumbs up, director approved!




Now is your chance to give it a try. Finally, a better way to stand on your own Three Feet.
















Sorry….We’d love to talk more but we are moving on…Catch our next 3i Adventure online at and thanks for tuning in! #3iSpreader


3iSpreader & The Layover


Mark Irwin CSC/ASC is shooting THE LAYOVER in Vancouver with director William H. Macy. It is a ‘road’ picture with two girls ( Alexandra Daddario and Kate Upton ) who get way laid on their vacation flight and end up in St. Louis instead of Florida. They decide to make the most of their time and try a hot air balloon ride with a fellow passenger ( Matt Barr ).

Image 6

We shot at Boundary Bay Beach with a basket, gas burner and a crane ( CGI ballon to match the real one in the real St. Louis ). After the launch, we put our two Arri Alexas on a platform that was 25 feet in the air and shot coverage of the actors ‘ in flight’.

With real wind rattling the plywood deck and weight at a minimum, the 3iSpreaders on each tripod made the day’s work safe and secure. No piles of sandbags, no flimsy bungee cords, no fear of an accidental disconnection. The crew just grabbed the sticks, put them on the hairy edge of the scaffold and, when we wrapped, folded them up with the 3iSpreader securely folded up inside.


Unlike the unhappy paparazzi ( BTW the big guy is the one who clipped Ryan Reynolds in a parking garage.

Check out some pictures below and check back for the Latest News about The Layover, and follow them on Instagram at @TheLayoverFilm

Image 3_2




Quadcaster Preview

 Image 3
Here is a sneak peek at the latest design for a slim profile, locking STG. They have been tested on a film in Victoria BC and are almost ready for sale.
Keep watching and also get ready for a new 3iSpreader rolling base – a revolution in mobility called the QUADCASTER. Finally a better way to ROLL on your own three feet !
Image Image 2 Image 1